Suzi Fox

September 2 – October 2, 2016


“Handmade” is a series of new sculptures that explore my reinterpretations of common manmade objects and techniques of building forms by hand. I am fascinated with discovering new approaches to working with a material and enjoy the challenge of trying to resolve how I can utilize these to make forms. The resulting sculptures are up front infused with humor and playful explorations of materials but throughout the work I explore ideas about gender roles and self-reflection. These themes are more pronounced in some work and subtle in others. Ultimately my hope is that the viewer looks and contemplates them a little deeper to realize these manipulated objects and materials hold layered ways to experience and interpret meaning.

Suzi Fox is a sculptor based in Northern Virginia. She has exhibited in several national and regional exhibitions. Her work uses process as the primary means for generating form and the potential play of meaning. Through manipulations such as carving, weaving and twisting materials she begins to understand the direction to pursue for a sculpture. Fox received her Master of Fine Arts at Rhode Island School of Design and her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is an Adjunct Professor of Sculpture in the District.