Pin-Chieh Tseng

February 3-26, 2017


The concept of Soliloquize is to examine the communication between people. Tseng has always been obsessed with observing human behavior – the posture and body language of politicians in a meeting, details of a conversation between friends, passengers communicating with one another, and so on. She likes to watch them and listen to the content of their conversations even if she is not a part of them. She often finds that people prefer to narrate, rather than listen to other’s voices; they talk but do not listen and in turn do not solve problems. This series was created in response to these observations, with her goal that the audience will self-reflect, and open their ears to listen to others and not only to themself. Quiet introspection can be extremely valuable.

Tseng was born in Taiwan, moving to England after graduating high school where she received her BA and MA in Fine Arts at the University of Wolverhampton, UK. She currently resides in New Taipei, Taiwan.