Nordic Stars

May 6-28, 2016

Nordic Stars

Curator’s Statement: “Nordic Stars” presents the selected works of the best Nordic fashion illustrators and is an updated selection of a bigger project “New Nordic Fashion Illustration” Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, exhibited at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design
(2015) and the Helsinki Design Museum (2012).

As a genre, fashion illustration brings the focus to the artist’s interpretation of sources of inspiration in contemporary fashion, embracing the full variety and richness of illustration styles, while concentrating on the poetic intersection of
present-day fashion and time codes. It is a unique momentary expression of the artist’s poetic sovereign choice: a colourful selfish worldview that, at the same time, takes account of the fashion industry trends, sometimes opposing to them, sometimes interpreting them, or
making an attempt to capture new drifts.

Fashion illustration serves as a paradox between the boundaries of pragmatism and creative freedom, being a unique fusion of the two and, as such, an integral part of the fashion media: magazines, commercials, fashion design, decorations, textiles,
videos, applied art. “Nordic Stars” brings to you the brightest illustration artists from Estonia, Finland,
Sweden and Denmark.

Participating artists:
Britt Samoson (Estonia)
Marju Tammik (Estonia)
Mads Berg (Denmark)
Naja-Conrad Hansen (Denmark)
Cecilia Carlstedt (Sweden)
Daniel Egneus (Sweden)
Laura Laine (Finland)
Jarno Kettunen (Finland)

Curator of the exhibition – Toomas Volkmann
Project manager – Helen Saluveer
Graphic designer – Tuuli Aule