Challenging Adversity

November 4 – December 18, 2016

Challenging Adversity

Ibero-America Copes with Climate Change

Faced with the adversity generated by climate change, social and economic globalization factors, the populations of Ibero-American countries devised ways to tackle these difficulties through small undertakings with varying degrees of technological influence. This ability to use imagination and creativity, in the hopes of building a better world, has allowed for the creation of sustainable economy projects that open new paths and new alternatives for mankind. At the same time, they help recover key elements for the environment.

This exhibit aims to gather images of those projects and undertakings based on the natural survival spirit that allows man to confront change. “Challenging Adversity” not only focuses on aesthetic aspects of the photography itself, but also intends to give testimony to the commitment made by our countries in the face of transformation.
This way, the exhibit will be a display window for AACIA member countries to feature, through its photographers, the ways they individually and governmentally engage different socio-economic profiles of a world under construction.

The work of each of these photographers represents a reality of their country of origin. They show a wide thematic spectrum relating to the need for awareness regarding aspects of reality. At the same time, they symbolize a positive and hopeful attitude on the part of man before the inevitable. Through the use of intelligent climate
agricultural technology, watering methods, use of volcanic ash, architecture, and fauna and flora recovery projects, populations are beginning to find ways to confront new challenges.