Alexandra Chiou

August 4–27, 2017

Infinite Worlds

As an avid explorer, outdoor enthusiast and visual artist, Chiou has always been struck by the complexity of the natural world. Every time she is outside exploring a new park or trail, she appreciates the sense that there is something out there much larger than ourselves, that the world existed long before we came to be. Being immersed in the landscape evokes so many emotions; She feels a great sense of awe and excitement contemplating how much of the world she has yet to discover and explore. Chiou states that the natural world is also her refuge and a place of reflection, evoking a great sense of
peace and tranquility.

The images, shapes, and colors in Chiou’s work are greatly inspired by various flora and fauna, wildlife and natural phenomena she has come across, whether she is at a botanical garden or hiking at a national park. Most recently, she aims to share memories of and experiences in the natural world that have defined her artistically and personally. Many of her pieces are specifically shaped by her recent travels to the American Southwest at national parks such as Bryce, Zion and Joshua Tree. She was particularly intrigued by the subtlety and quiet beauty of the desert landscape. The fact that it’s simultaneously barren yet abundant makes it so magical and mysterious.

Alexandra Chiou is a visual artist and avid explorer inspired by the natural world and the linkages we share with our surrounding environment. In her most recent works, she explores infinite worlds—both real and imagined, conceptual and physical. She draws from the quiet beauty of the desert and looks inward to examine the dualities of the human experience.

She graduated from the University of Virginia in 2011 where she studied Studio Art and Commerce. Her work has been exhibited in a number of galleries across Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC including Hillyer Art Space, the Mansion at Strathmore, Adah Rose Gallery and Anacostia Arts Center. Her work has also been featured in The Washingtonian and the CBS 6 Virginia This Morning show. Alex previously served as a Fine Artist-in-Residence at the Strathmore in Bethesda, MD in 2015 and recently completed a summer residency at Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles, CA.